Strategies To Help You Doing Influencer Marketing Through Instagram Story

Instagram story feature is incredibly a massive tool to boost your account reach and consumers base. It possesses the interest of the majority of account holders from Instagram, and we know a huge number of people are joining and using Instagram every day for various reasons.

This can lead to a significant increase in the number of followers on your Instagram account if you do your brand/website marketing the right way. 

One of the strategies to market your products or services through Instagram is employing Influencer Marketing. Are you familiar with this strategy?

What Is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing involves socially acceptable personalities whose statements are considered reasonable in favor of your brand or company. Instead of using direct marketing strategies, they act like a bridge connecting you to your potential buyers. They help you convey the message or purpose of your business to a large audience that otherwise wouldn’t be within your reach. Whereas they ready have significant followers to whom they can introduce your business, their credibility will also help you gain trust among the audience earlier. 

Though you can consider buying ig story views to increase your brand’s visibility but associating influencer marketing to improve organic reach on your Insta story would be of huge help. 

Ways To Link Influencer Marketing To Instagram Story

Let’s check out a few easy things you can do to link influencer marketing to your Insta stories. 

  1. Hosting Giveaways

Giveaways have always been a pretty good strategy to drive the audience’s attention to your account. If you plan to host a giveaway, you can create a post containing all the details, including terms and conditions. Then share the post’s link to your Instagram story and also ask your influencer to share their story too. It will bring more audiences to visit your business account to participate. More traffic means more chances of catching the attention of your potential customers to make them permanent followers of your Instagram account.

  1. Sharing Sneak Peeks

Uploading interesting BTS or video clips of what you are planning to bring up next for your customers can make them all excited to keep checking yourInsta stories and feed. You can share these videos anywhere, either on the feed, igtv, stories, or reels, and request bloggers and influencers to share them on their Insta stories. Releasing these teasers at the right time can also help you gain new followers.

However, make sure to launch the product or service on the same or close to the launch date you have announced during those teasers. 

  1. Demo Content

Creating highly professional videos to fully demonstrate your product and/or service can be a time-consuming process that comes with the requirements of other video-editing skills. What can be an easier yet effective alternative? Through influencer marketing, you can get short video contents where these influencers will talk about your product or service features, how it’s useful for the buyers, and why it’s safe to buy from you.

You might have seen entertaining and customer-eccentric videos from several bloggers, which they make in collaboration with reputed brands to promote them among their followers. 

Besides using this method, you can also increase the number of views on your Instagram story if you buy ig story views from a credible website. It won’t only motivate the visitors for engagement but also build their trust in your business. 


The Instagram story allows you to be more creative and do innovations that may benefit your e-commerce business. Associating influencer marketing for promotions of Instagram stories can create a huge impact. And finally, you will achieve your goal of successful marketing on social media with this technique.